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The Team

Alessandro Nicotra


Misha Portmann

3D & BIM Specialist 

Fabian Bundschuh

Interior Architect - Workspaces

Studio Nicotra is a team of problem solvers. From our studio and design studio in the heart of Zurich, we design spaces, objects, and create light. We focus on living spaces, prioritizing projects that have the greatest positive social impact.

We work as hands-on inventors without our own signature. Our motivation is to design soulful and interesting places that incorporate the complexities of the real world. Our approach is to be guided by the human experience rather than a fixed set of design conventions.

The studio's founder comes from a background that sees living spaces as a holistic task between a variety of disciplines. His curiosity and passion for problem-solving matured into the studio's current design process, where every architect, designer, computer scientist and manufacturer is encouraged to challenge and contribute ideas. 

Our client is critical because they come along for the ride and challenge our thinking; together we look for opportunities that may traditionally be overlooked. Our best projects are built on a foundation of trust and partnership with the client. They are the ones we can learn the most from and are proud of.

Studio Nicotra is an interior design & parametric design studio based in Zurich.

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